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Knights of Columbus: Solanus Casey Council 1632

About Us
The Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic fraternal service organization, standing for the four principles of charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. Our council was established on May 12, 1912. We currently have about 350 members from all around the St. Croix River Valley. We dedicated our council to the Blessed Solanus Casey on April 14, 1997. Solanus Casey was confirmed at St. Michael's parish and spent many years working and living in the Stillwater area.

“Do not ask for easy lives, pray to be stronger. Do not pray for tasks equal to our powers, pray for powers equal to your tasks. Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle, but you shall be the miracle. Every day you shall wonder at yourself, at the richness of life which has come to you by the grace of God.” -Father Solanus

State KC News
National KC News

Ken Dolney - Grand Knight, (651-492-1807)
Dan Coleman - Deputy Grand Knight, (612-308-1273)
Andrew Poole - KC Benefits, (651-491-1606)
Bob Behrman - Trustee (651-351-9138)
Larry Conroy - Trustee (651-439-3073)
Bob Gaffney - Trustee, (651-430-2578)

Programs for People with Developmental Disabilities

This campaign, often referred to as the “Tootsie Roll Drive” is really a campaign for people with intellectual disabilities. The nickname is due to the nature of the fundraiser, in which Knights distribute specially-marked Tootsie Rolls in exchange for donations supporting programs geared to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. (Don’t forget to read the information on the inside of the Tootsie Roll wrapper!) The annual Tootsie Roll Drive is held in May each year.

Members, family, and friends will be seeking donations around the Stillwater area in exchange for a Tootsie Roll. Donation support persons with special needs in our area including St. Croix Valley Lumber Jacks Special Olympics, ESR, Courage Center St. Croix, LADDA, and St. Croix Trail Blazers Special Olympics. Thank you very much for volunteering to take a 2-hour shift. For more information, please call Art Junker at 651-439-1297 or Dan Junker at 651-403-3906.

Free Throw Competition
Since 1972, councils have sponsored the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Championship for boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14. Contestants compete within their own gender and age group. All competition starts at the local level. Winners move on to the district, regional, and state or provincial levels. From there, some make it to the international level for championship competition in their group. The event is held in January and February. For more information, please call Mark Hartmann at 989-600-8309

Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest
Entries in the Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest must fall under either Alcohol Awareness and Abuse or Drug Awareness and Abuse. Each poster must include a slogan and an original visual image. Posters may be entered under only one topic.

Eligibility: The Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest is open to all young people between the ages of 8 and 14.

Contest entrants compete in one of two age groups – ages 8-11, and ages 12-14. (Note: Some school systems may have different age brackets for their elementary and middle schools. In some area, it may be appropriate to group students by grade rather than age. Sponsoring councils should use their own judgment in deciding how to group participants. Each local, regional and state competition many have up to four winning entries, one from each age category.) The event is held in January and February. For more information, please call Mark Hartmann at 989-600-8309.

Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest
A Higher Purpose: The KC Essay Contest encourages youth in our community to become citizens grounded in their faith through creative writing. The contest is open to all Catholic students (public, private, home, or parochial schools) in grades 8-12 during the current school year. Our Council conducts the contest through St. Croix Catholic School.

Overview: This contest encourages today’s youth to be more connected to their community and their faith. The goal of this program is to involve young Catholics in 8th-12th grade in civic discourse and instill in them religious and life-affirming values. The essay should be approximately 500-750 words on a specific subject, changing every other year. Entrants will be judged on grammar, style, and how clearly they present the theme – which should showcase creativity, imagination, and overall development of the topic.

Eligibility: The Knights of Columbus Essay Contest is open to all Catholic students — in public, private or parochial schools — in grades 8,9,10,11 and 12 during the current school year. This event is held in September/October with judging in November. For more information, please call Mark Hartmann at 989-600-8309.

Pennies for Seminarians
Solanus Casey Council 1632 collects donations during their Benefit Pancake Breakfasts. These funds are used for financial assistance to seminarians and those already committed to religious life.

All seminarians in the state benefit from the Pennies Fund in one way or another. The Scholarship Fund donations are distributed on request from the bishops. They are primarily used for those in the religious life seeking further education. For more information, please call Larry Conroy at 651-439-3073.

Council News
Congratulations to the following Brother Knights on their achieving Honorary and Honorary Life Member status at the Annual Awards Banquet on October 3, 2019.

Honorary Members: Mark S. Feeley, Stephen C. Gregor, Richard L. Wood
Honorary Life Members: Gary L. Jacobsen, Edmund A. Stuart III
Knight of the Year: Mark Hartmann
Family of the Year: Matt and Kathy Hammerschmidt

Fraternalism: Fraternal Chair of Council #1632
If you know of a Brother Knight who is in need of our fellowship due to sickness, hospital stay, etc., please contact Art Junker at 651-439-1297. “Thinking of You” and “Sympathy” cards will be sent on behalf of the Council.

The Emblem of the Order
The Emblem of the Order dates from the Second Supreme meeting on May 12, 1883. It was designed by James T. Mullen, a New Haven native and Civil War veteran, who served the Order as its first Supreme Knight from 1882-1886.The emblem incorporates a shield mounted upon a Formée Cross (having the arms narrow at the center and expanding toward the ends). The shield is associated with a medieval knight, and the Formée Cross is an artistic representation of the cross of Christ, through whom all graces of redemption were procured for mankind. This, then, represents the Catholic spirit of the Order. Mounted on the shield are three objects: a fasces (a bundle of rods bound together about an ax with the blade projecting) standing vertically and, crossed behind it, an anchor and a dagger or short sword.The fasces represents “Strength through Unity” and, in Roman days, was carried before magistrates as an emblem of the authority which must exist in a tightly bonded and efficiently operating society. The anchor is the mariner’s symbol for Columbus, patron of the order, and the short sword is the weapon of the knight when engaged in an errand of mercy.

Thus the shield expresses Catholic Knighthood in unified merciful action and, with the letters K of C, proclaims this specific form of activity.

Blessed Father Solanus Casey
In 1886, the 15-year-old future Father Solanus journeyed from Hudson to Stillwater to seek work. He didn’t live in his uncle’s rectory, but he was in his care. In Stillwater, Father Solanus worked at a lumber mill, brick kiln and a penitentiary, and as a streetcar motorman, according to Odell. Today, a stained glass window in St. Michael’s atrium depicts Father Solanus, and Stillwater’s Knights of Columbus council and Catholic Worker House bear his name.

The Father Casey’s uncle Father Maurice Murphy served more than 20 years as pastor of St. Michael in Stillwater; it was under his direction that the future Father Solanus Casey was confirmed. Father Solanus’ ordination as a Capuchin priest in 1904 rekindled Father Maurice’s desire for priesthood. He completed his theology studies at the St. Paul Seminary and at age 44 was ordained for the Diocese of Helena, Montana, in 1911. He spent 10 years in Montana, including on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

A priest known for his great faith, humility and compassion and for his ministry as spiritual counselor, Father Solanus helped establish the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in 1929 to feed the hungry during the Great Depression, a work that continues in Detroit today. Hundreds of healing miracles were attributed to him during his life and after.

Father Solanus is the second American-born male to be beatified, after Father Stanley Rother, a North American priest from Oklahoma who was beatified September 23. He also will be the first person from Michigan to receive the designation.

Source: Soon-to-be Blessed Father Solanus Casey lived in Stillwater
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Columbian Women
The Columbian Women of Council 1632 meet the same night as the KC Membership Meeting at the KC Hall. We begin each monthly meeting by praying the rosary at 7:00 p.m. with the men at the KC Hall in Stillwater. We welcome current and new members every month. All wives, mothers, sisters and daughters (16 years of age and older) of the Solanus Casey Council #1632 Knights of Columbus are invited to become a member of the Columbian Women. Membership dues are just $5.00 per year. All are welcome! If you have any questions regarding membership, please call Joan Eder at 651-777–6538.