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Faith Formation » 8th Grade Confirmation

8th Grade Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation for 8th Graders in

Faith Formation

Church of St. Michael

St. Mary’s Church

Stillwater, Minnesota

Vianney Nguyen

Youth Coordinator

[email protected]

Dear 8th grade families,

Blessings to you all! The catechetical leadership at our parishes - the pastors, and the faith formation team, want to inform you that your child may now opt to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation as early as 8th grade. For a number of years, our Archbishop has provided a window for youth confirmations spanning from the 8th to the 11th grade. This year our parishes have moved away from approaching the Sacrament as something that only happens in 9th grade, toward a more pastoral approach of allowing students and families to seek the Sacrament at their initiative anytime between 8th and 11th grade.


Why are we doing this?

The primary reason is to respect the freedom of the students and their families. In this day and age, families are very different from one another, and we are not all the same as we go through the grades at school. Some are very advanced in the Christian life, others are brand new to the community, etc. It’s difficult to respect this fact when we expect all students in a particular grade to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Our desire is to give families and students who are ready for Confirmation the opportunity to receive the Sacrament within the window provided by our archdiocese.

This is an option for us and not a requirement. This option is also open to all parish families regardless of where their children are educated, including at home. Any St. Mary’s & St. Michael’s parishioner in 8th through 11th grade has the option to be Confirmed.


What do students have to do to get Confirmed?

The Sacrament of Confirmation is an affirmation of a lived baptismal identity, which implies a life lived with the Christian community, which for us is the parish, and for 8th graders, is the middle school community led by Vianney. If you are participating in this life already, you are eligible for the Sacrament. Below are some of the specific events we live together with the middle schoolers that we expect out of a student seeking the Sacrament, as well as some administrative needs.

To register for Confirmation in 8th Grade, register for Faith Formation classes as normal and you will be prompted in the form: