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Give me justice, O God, and plead my cause against a nation that is faithless. From the deceitful and cunning rescue me, for you, O God, are my strength. (Psalm 43:1-2, Entrance Antiphon for Fifth Sunday of Lent)

Totus Tuus

Totus Tuus

July 19 - 25, 2020


Elementary Gr. 1 - 6 / July 20 - 25, 2020


Jr/Sr High Gr. 7 - 12 / July 19 - 24, 2020



Totus Tuus is based on Sacred Scripture, the Catechism and centered on the Eucharist

The team serves each parish by putting on a program for high school and junior high youth. Our goal is to put the youth in contact with the 

Lord so that they can develop a deep personal relationship with Him. To this end, we have a night of Adoration and the opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, catechetical instruction on topics important to young people, and a night of fellowship with the team members. We end with a BBQ on Thursday.


The teams also present a grade school program. Our time is spent on catechetical instruction, songs, games, daily Mass, the opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, lunch, recess and more! The week ends with a large water fight with the children and/or turning a team member into a giant ice cream sundae in celebration for the week. Photos of last year's fun and games are below.


The focus is on imparting an understanding and love of the Eucharist, devotion to Mary, catechetical instruction, vocational discernment, and providing an enjoyable experience.


For general information, visit the Totus Tuus website at

If you have additional questions, please contact Faith Formation at 651.351.3175, or by email at


What is Totus Tuus Video