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On the Death of a Loved One


We would like you to know that our parish is praying for you and your loved one during this difficult time. While the death of a loved one always brings grief and sadness, we have the great hope of the resurrection to strengthen us.


Perhaps the greatest gift we can give to anyone is the gift of prayer. Our parish also has many opportunities for support in the days before and after the funeral. Please do not hesitate to contact Jackie Valerius, our Pastoral Minister, for prayers or for a visit.


Catholic Funeral Rites
A very important role of our Pastoral Minister is meeting with families and assisting with funeral planning. She is also there on the day of the funeral to be sure everything runs smoothly and to assist with the funeral Mass. Please see the document below on the Catholic Funeral Rite as outlined by The Order of Christian Funerals for more insight on funeral planning.


Cremation may be a confusing issue for Catholics. The reforms of the Second Vatican Council touched all areas in the life of the Church, including funeral and burial rites. At one time, the Church prohibited cremation in most circumstances.


Many Catholics may believe that the Church still forbids cremations, but this is no longer the case. The Church does, however, offer guidance to people considering cremation. It also has specific expectations for the burial of cremated remains in a cemetery. While the Church still strongly recommends traditional full-body burial, cremation is now an option to be chosen “for sufficient reason.” Studying the issue and understanding the teaching of the Church will help you make an informed decision. Booklets giving full information are available at the Parish Office or you may wish to speak to a priest regarding any concerns.



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