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Hello families of St. Mary’s & St. Michael’s. We are excited to enter into another academic year with your child or children, and we expect God to bring us closer to Himself, to each other, and to ourselves. This year, we will be spending a lot of time together in various ways, all of which aim at helping us live in Christ and let Him form us as a Christian community.


The preparation process for Confirmation aims to help candidates understand a fundamental teaching of the Catholic faith: that my life is not my own but the Lord’s, and everything I experience as my life is pure, undeserved gift from the Creator. This life giving gift is called grace. Because of the reality that I had nothing to do with my own creation, that it is all gift, it follows that nothing I do in my life will ever be deserving of His grace. For I am a creation, and creation can never surpass the Creator. The phenomenon of “me” and “I” are nothing but pride when experienced outside of God. Hence, His grace is necessary for us to step out of our ego.


So where does the Sacrament of Confirmation fit in all this? Confirmation completes the graces of Baptism, which is not to say that Confirmation is necessary for salvation (this is already received in Baptism), but put simply, if the Baptismal candidate receives the grace of God unknowingly as an infant, then the Confirmation candidate receives the grace of knowing this grace.


Therefore, Confirmation is not “graduation” or a “rite of passage”. It allows the candidate to become aware of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that were given to him or her at Baptism. It equips the candidate with the knowledge and understanding that he or she has been chosen by our Lord, undeservedly and unconditionally with love. It allows the candidate to understand that he or she was baptized as priest, prophet, and king and with the abundance of grace to commit to living this mission. It reveals to the candidate that life isn't about "me", but about God. The knowledge of the reality of grace opens the candidate to receive the Holy Spirit, given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, for the sake of living our Catholic identity as missionary disciples. (Acts 1:8) We invite you to be open to the grace of our Beloved as we share this time together.



Please read through the Confirmation 2021-2022 handbook for a complete understanding of the program and it's requirements.


Confirmation 2021-2022 Handbook

Confirmation 2021-2022 Schedule




 Contact Vianney Nguyen at [email protected] if you have questions.